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Reviews for "Explore Ponyville"

I wrote to Celestia, "Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Banana phone!", and she wrote back Dear Twilight Sparkle, (insert trollface here)

Lesbian Rainbow Dash and drunk Applejack, nice easter-eggs.

Best newgrounds game ever

Letter: Dear Princess Celestia, I do not have much time, tarturus has enslaved ponyville and i'm writing this on toilet paper

Response: My Faithful student, I' sorry, twilight, but I don't have the time to deal with this right now.I am about to leave for saddle arabiah on a diplomatic errand

Something is wrong with tia.

I absolutely love this game it's so much fun hanging out with the ponies wish their were more activity's
why is it when I choose Pinkie Pie Rarity gets angry lol
Not to criticize but seeing Fluttershy feeding the duck the lady bug I don't think she'd ever do that since she loves all creatures, and she would feed the duck something else and try to get them to get along instead of eating each other