Reviews for "Playable Poetry"

Please fix the falling through platforms glitch and fix that so you don't have to move on moving platforms

FreakAM responds:

Could you specify exactly where this glitch happened. This was an issue very early in dev but i seemed to have fixed it, if it still happens please let me know I've tested every jump a few times right now and they seem fine.

it good but fall trough plat form and get explore achivement go to bottom of level 1

So, here are my remarks on the game:
- the window seems a bit small for the game, maybe we should see a bit more of what's coming next to anticipate;
- blending pixelated and non-pixelated art gives the game a weird feeling;
- of course, it lacks music, and a few sound effects;
- the character often "jumps" in place when standing still, which should be fixed;
- jumps should only happen when the jump button is pressed, not while it is held down;
- the moving platforms are a problem, because even though it is stated in the instructions that you have to follow them along, they still feel like they have not been coded well.

It's a good start, with a nice plot, but it still needs development in my opinion.

Good concept, but the clock is insane man, not playable fix it and then the game will improve a lot!

The jumping mechanic is sloppy and you can fall through platforms. This game needs a double jump to avoid these issues.

The medals work, and I earned them all.