Reviews for "Playable Poetry"

Good concept, but the clock is insane man, not playable fix it and then the game will improve a lot!

I have played your interactive game
Into a timing arrow-jumper
It look easy until it is getting rash
Time is killing me,literaly

But I am glad it ended

Okay,I have plan to do to make poetry comment but it is will waste of my effort on this game.
As I wanted to says,it is playable but the touch sensing is really rude.
I mean,I didn't touch the clock and it did kill me.

Even the charactere when he sense plate-forme on the grass land,excluding the moving one.

Thought to be a challenge-focused player and program is not in my criteria,the charactere jump low and it seen to be heavy.

I would call it PAINFUL POETRY due of the frustration gameplay (the clock still killing me) and will only play it once,just for achievement,as I didn't notice at first.

It is never the end,there is never a wall
The road may be long but you can do it
Good luck on remaking and adding thing
And also,continue and keep it up

Pratice is the key of the developping

Don't tying to sound like a jerk, but being one, this game is quite bad. Use plataforms like stencyl, it will be easier, and the result will surprise you. Cheers

The general idea of poetry-themed platformer is appealing to me, but the execution... Let's say that the are a few problems to be fixed.

1) Visuals - the background and the main character do not match. Possible solution: make the character sprite more pixelated. And reduce the head's size.

2) Animation - jumping on platforms can be really confusing, since the screen starts shaking when the PC drops on a platform edge. Sometimes he (or is it she?) starts sliding down.

3) SFS - no sounds or background music, which makes the game look like unfinished. Suggestion: try to find an ambient track with deep bass sounds, but that's just my personal taste.

Just like pointed in comments below, it's a good start and you shouldn't abandon the project, but there's still a lot of work to make it playable.

So, here are my remarks on the game:
- the window seems a bit small for the game, maybe we should see a bit more of what's coming next to anticipate;
- blending pixelated and non-pixelated art gives the game a weird feeling;
- of course, it lacks music, and a few sound effects;
- the character often "jumps" in place when standing still, which should be fixed;
- jumps should only happen when the jump button is pressed, not while it is held down;
- the moving platforms are a problem, because even though it is stated in the instructions that you have to follow them along, they still feel like they have not been coded well.

It's a good start, with a nice plot, but it still needs development in my opinion.