Reviews for "Do Not Press The Button"

I may have thought of this but what am I doing with this?
It's just a plain red button.

A complicated button pressing game. Not really fun, but it can be completed.

The medal works, and I earned it.

Don't really understand why this game is in Popular, but I guess it has some fans, I'm not one of them.

Really bad game done with no effort that i can se. This isn't really even a game. I finished it this "game" on my first attempt, never pressed a wrong thing. Please people if you wish to try and make a game down be like this person and just give up on trying to actually do anything....JUST DO IT!

The name of the game is do not press the button but to win you have to discover the correct way to press the buttons.

8rlx0apps responds:

Fun fact: If you actually wait a certain amount of minutes without pressing the first button you still get the achievement.