Reviews for "Pluto Space Quest"

Awesome Game

very addictive game...and good concept

Awesome game...

beautiful game dude, this is a really easy to learn game, i like this game for the 'note book' drawings style, sound and music are not boring, and i loved the fact that if you play a lot the game reamains very 'light' and you not feel that heaviness or frustration typical of this type of game.

Retro design, good mechanics, smooth gameplay... heeeyy what a nice game! =D

And here goes a note for all people who are arguing about the copycat: srsly ppl. If it weren't for the copycat compass and printing press Marco Polo shared from China to the West, there'd probably be no Navigations. Copying is loving.

Besides, I bet my rooster that most (if not all) of you download ROMs, videos, music, without having their 'original' copies. Shame on you ppl, shame on you.

(but I took one star out due to the copy lol)