Reviews for "Pluto Space Quest"

You really need to use an original idea and trying something new. Being a copycat will not get you anywhere.

who are you trying to kid? all you did was copy another game the EXACT same way and say its yours...all you did differently was make different graphics...

Retro design, good mechanics, smooth gameplay... heeeyy what a nice game! =D

And here goes a note for all people who are arguing about the copycat: srsly ppl. If it weren't for the copycat compass and printing press Marco Polo shared from China to the West, there'd probably be no Navigations. Copying is loving.

Besides, I bet my rooster that most (if not all) of you download ROMs, videos, music, without having their 'original' copies. Shame on you ppl, shame on you.

(but I took one star out due to the copy lol)

copycat game, if you want build this kind of game, you need make it unique, not copy all the base of the other game

beautiful game dude, this is a really easy to learn game, i like this game for the 'note book' drawings style, sound and music are not boring, and i loved the fact that if you play a lot the game reamains very 'light' and you not feel that heaviness or frustration typical of this type of game.