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Reviews for "ICS"

you should use the same button to interact with the menu and the world. it was really confusing at first because while testing the control scheme i accidentally opened the menu and had to fish around for a while until i realized enter was accept there. maybe give the player a little time in an open space to move around instead of spawning us on the settings.
i really dont think it's necessary to require the player to activate the doors at the end of levels. there were a lot of instances where i had a split second to make it there and i had to retry multiple times just because i forgot to hit the button. this isn't objectively a flaw, but it's not a regular thing in a lot of puzzle games like this, so it took a while for my muscle memory to catch up.
it seems like we shouldn't have to activate the fountains mid level if the ones at the spawn heal you automatically. again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a bit unorthodox. maybe you should make us activate both if we have to activate either.
Increasing the move speed and reducing the time it takes to burn would make this game 100x better. there would be much more of a sense of urgency and it would create a sense of urgency (as well as realism) that seems to be missing here. i mean come on. we're on fire. i get that you're going for a happy go lucky sort of like borderline creepy atmosphere here, but i think it could use some zest. maybe make the screen flash and have more exciting music play when you're on fire or something and i feel like this could make it big
most of the secret items seemed to just show up randomly when i was going through normal parts of the levels, or even just appear in the spawn area the second the level started. you should think about putting more of them in hard to access areas or requiring the player to do things like burn down wooden walls or structures to get to them (but maybe have to preserve certain other wooden things to complete the level)
platforming in level 12 is far too difficult and gives little to no overhead room to ascend steps. i quit after about 10 attempts making it no further than the sheep.
previous review said jumping off ladders didnt work - i had the same issue. ill come back to this in a few hrs and see if i can get any further. so far i'd say great job, but needs a little polishing.

Great game - love the details like secret items and optional paths (eg: on lv7 if you go to the top.)
Through I have a problem to get off ladders, tried jumping off, using different arrow key combinations (and up key alone) but can't! So I'm stuck on lv17 :(
Is it only me/my PC? or does everybody have this problem?

Knight52 responds:

Oh, you have to press jump to jump off the ladder mid-way.

I love the idea, controls work well. interesting way to put a time limit on a platformer.

A fun puzzle game, with neat concepts. (Love the need to burn through the sheep!) And the typical frustrations of trying to time things right, to get to the end of the level.
A good game and I enjoy playing it.