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Reviews for "ICS"

interacting with ladders is a terrible experience

jumping with the up arrow key is newb game design. should have been with z or x or something

should be using same key for interact as for saying "ok" in a menu or level select

should be moving faster when you go in flames

hit box on enemies is bigger than the enemy. this is newb game design.

music is horrible and way too short of a loop.

art is nice. that's why initially i was like "oh this is gonna be a good one"

you simply move too slow and your jumps have no horizontal.

the platforming feels horrible.

You'd think if you're gonna have a game where the character moves excruciatingly slow, he'd at least move a little faster when he's on fire.

I found a glitch where if you press X to beat a level twice in a row, you can skip the next level.

This game is way too tedious, though. Too much waiting around for moving platforms and stuff. I'm quitting because I died well into level 18 and don't want to have to do all the boring stuff over again.

Must really fix the stairs, man.
Nice job anyway!

Nice concept with a lot of potential.

The music could need some love, though. Not that it's bad, it just doesn't add anything to the game imho.

Really great main idea of a game!