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Reviews for "ICS"

Fantastic game, but that LVL 13 gap o_O The fuck.

It'd be great if I could run too. Great idea though!

Congratulations, I haven't seen a game that makes me feel like having a mental breakdown and start killing every one in a one kilometer radius due to sheer stress since Super Star Wars for the SNES, my neighbors are lucky today as this only came close.

Other than that you had an wonderfully original idea that you executed well and I thoroughly enjoyed this submission. thing is that could have earned my last star of approval is that the music was a tad annoying and repetitive I felt more work could have been done in that department to improve this game.

Are people really not seeing the big letters on the title screen saying you can jump with K or Z as well as W or UP? That makes it a lot easier to navigate the ladders, folks.

This is a nice and difficult game; I like it so far. The only gripe I agree with is that horizontal movement seems a bit slow. Also, I noticed the settings screen doesn't bring up any settings to change if I access it from the title screen (flash player in Chrome on Windows 8.1).

is he like a vampire or something cause i dont get it why he bursts into flames as soon as he gets into sun light?