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Reviews for "ICS"

Very good game. The game idea and fun makes up for the sometimes bad controls.

Great concept. But I hate having to retry a jump because you have to be on the very end of the ledge to nail it. Unfortunately, the lack of forward momentum make this game all about that. A little more tuning could make this a masterpiece.

I think the jumping cotrols could be a bit better.
Cool game nonetheless.

Nice little game. Good level design and it looks nice and has a unique mechanic. But the movement is so wonky that I just couldn't enjoy my time with it. It doesn't feel natural. Like other people have said hes a bit slow, but also I can't control the jump height with timing, and the gravity is way too high. Hitting my head on a block makes me drop like a brick, which makes jumping between two closely spaced blocks a nightmare. In level 13 trying to jump over the sheep was so frustrating that I just let it walk all the way to the end of the map so I didn't have to deal with it. Ladders need to be reworked, pressing right or left on a ladder does nothing when it should let you drop off. If I had to describe the movement with one word I wouldn't call it fluid, it would be more like nails or sandpaper.

Nice graphics, neat concept, but fuck me if I can't complete level 12. I just can't. My fingers are not capable of getting me up there in the time required, and I just keep fucking falling because I'm so much slower moving horizontally than I am jumping vertically. I'm burning alive ffs can't I move a bit faster?

*cough* but yeah, cool.