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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Ah, Cosmo with gameplay!! Really beautiful artwork, good job! Nice effects and writing too!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks dude!

Nice art, deep concept about someone who knows that is going to die no matter what.

Touchy. Like it.

How can i say this? this game its someing nice with a nice story but kind of bad art but with such a story it doesnt matter this game is someing nice someing well told but this game feel's like many ive play before and this has noting new but the story so i'm gong to give every thing a rateing




MUSIC:10 (just lovey to hear)

Great art style and script I loved the dark demntia behind it though I felt he was missing a few things like music or sounds to identify and icon just to ease the silince or perhaps you meant it to be silint because thier are no sounds in space still something just felt missing but was impressed alone with art and script well done.

I loved the story, I found myself immersed and wanting to learn more about the astronaut. The anguish of truly being alone and left for death was captured in this short story, I felt myself in the shoes of the character. The looming sensation of suicide that followed the character was incredibly strong, and if I was in his shoes I probably would have killed myself, but the need to see his family was equally as strong. The art of this game aided in the melancholy feel. Overall, I loved the story of this game.