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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Really amazing work! Writing,music,visuals.. I rarely get into any real connections throu visual medium ,but this little story/game of yours did get to me on emotional level.

Damn, this was pretty depressing. Yet another awesome game made by 08jackt.

That was so cool. The graphics, the mystery, the whole game was just one amazing experience! Five stars!

i liked this one, is the same setting as the first one but with a diferent history, this time the guy is not insane and he is totally alone (not even imaginary voices, and if he had those voices it did not affect that much on his survival)

at least he did not throw himself to the space and died this time
i like this one a lot, it gives you liberty to explore the whole spaceship and i like the art

perfect game, 10/10, IGN
Good experience

Powerful and compelling yet amazingly simple. The graphics were awesome and the story sad and yet you wanted to see what happens.. Legend!