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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Really good, however very short. You could make a really good game :)


This was a beautiful game. I'm only docking you half a star because it's short and seems like a demo. But everything else was just perfect! The Astronaut's memories, especially the family one, were tearjerking to say the least!

I wonder why they didn't try to rescue him. He's been on a space station that's within close visual range of Earth. It might be hard to reach him within days or weeks or months - but he's been up there for years. You'd have thought they'd at least send a crew to check the station out, see if it could salvaged. Hmmm....

How can i say this? this game its someing nice with a nice story but kind of bad art but with such a story it doesnt matter this game is someing nice someing well told but this game feel's like many ive play before and this has noting new but the story so i'm gong to give every thing a rateing




MUSIC:10 (just lovey to hear)

2 words: Living Quaters.