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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

I like the style of the game dude!

Thanks for using my Space Ambience entry too!

It's a nice interactive story.
The ambience was good, the music too but for the originality well... It's kinda unoriginal at this point.

''All alone, nothing but myself, nightmares that haunt me, finding back my past to understand what happened even though it doesn't really form a story (we abandoned you in space)''
And it bring to another point : it's short. The problem is, you can't really do a long game with this much story.
The end is a classical ''alea jacta est''. Again, NOTHING new there.

The art-style was nice, it fits the ambience.

Last thing, the game wasn't loud enough. Each time an achievement notification would pop, it would surprise me.

I loved the artwork.
Loved the music, it made the atmosphere just right.
The story was just perfect as well.
The only reason it's getting 4 stars from me, is because there's no gameplay. I mean, It's fascinating and all, but i think it would've fit so much better in the movie category, with a bit of extra animation to make it more exiting to watch. That might just be my opinion though.
But all in all, great work!

That was so cool. The graphics, the mystery, the whole game was just one amazing experience! Five stars!

I actually enjoyed this. I'm just especially critical of Sci-Fi material that takes place in a near-reality setting. I loved the artwork, and the music fit the overall mood of contemplating death by space. So don't take the below the wrong way!

Some criticisms: "...step outside and my existence would be *incinerated*..."
-Is this space station attached to an intergalactic BBQ, or a star? In space, you implode, or kind of pop, depending on proximity and visibility to a star. Maybe you were looking for 'obliterate'.

"I drift through space like my children drift through life: heart broken and unfulfilled."
-This dude's an astronaut. It's not like someone said, "hey you worthless piece of garbage, I have a job for you, in SPACE, and it will make up for your worthless existence."

-The children will get over it. People put an incredible amount of self-worth on themselves that is entirely too undeserved. Ever heard of a second marriage?

"...humanly and reassuring..."
-I think you were going for "humane and reassuring, unless there is a robot involved here, which may be humane, but never humanly.

-Last one, I promise: If the Earth were that big, in the window, you could spot this guy with radar, a telescope, or even your two eyes. He could morse code his way to safety with any onboard lighting systems at that distance.
"... --- ... .-.-.- / -... .-. .. -. --. .-.-.- / -... . . .-. .-.-.-"