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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

I like the idea and I am always way more down for a dark story than some dating sim or shooter. The art was excellent, however what bothered me was the monologue. I liked the emotional idea, but the delivery left a bit to be desired. Most glaring were the cliches and an over abundance of obvious similes. To be honest, I cringed through almost all of the astronaut's thoughts. I get that you aren't Proust but I think some in depth editing for cliché and repetition would have done you some good.

Good concept though, I just suggest you rework it; perhaps reimagine it.

A compelling little story. Thoughtful. Dark. Visual and weary. Wonder if this one was inspired by Moon, by any chance? Feels very reminiscent of the mood I remember from that movie. I the end, in the endless void of space... he drifts away uncertainly. Very nicely presented.


I think place was too spacious to be space station in so near future as 2045. It didn't feel like there is deadly void at other side of wall.

I liked it anyway.

still makes me cry every time i play it...
I think the music makes the story more influential and more sad.
the art itself amazing.
good job jack

Wow! That's deep.