Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

A compelling little story. Thoughtful. Dark. Visual and weary. Wonder if this one was inspired by Moon, by any chance? Feels very reminiscent of the mood I remember from that movie. I the end, in the endless void of space... he drifts away uncertainly. Very nicely presented.


I think place was too spacious to be space station in so near future as 2045. It didn't feel like there is deadly void at other side of wall.

I liked it anyway.

still makes me cry every time i play it...
I think the music makes the story more influential and more sad.
the art itself amazing.
good job jack

Wow! That's deep.

Damn. imagine the awesome if you, the Antumbra Guy, and Scriptwelder would team up. the multiverse would have a nosebleed, and the TARDIS would explode.