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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Very good game and of high quality, not only did it portray insanity, isolation and utter despair, but you did it well, not going overboard or under-doing it. The game looked spectacular and the music was just as great.

As others have stated, more gameplay and the addition of easter eggs would've been great, but I feel the project was done so well I will still give it a 5.

I enjoyed this game. Good graphics and story, and the music was perfect. It would have been nice if there were more to actually do within the game, perhaps discover bits of old communications or experience some of the hallucinations or delusions mentioned.

Thanks for an enjoyable game.

This is an impressive game. Not much gameplay, but this is obviously a story driven game and anyone who plays a wide variety of games could see that. You did a fantastic job portraying the stages of insanity through this game and should be proud.

I think you were aiming for the atmosphere and the emotional power in the game, great job with these things, music and art are also great. Still, in my opinion, you've missed some crucial points to make this game a 5 star:
1) Well, there's no gameplay... There is, but it's too simple and linear... Some people say that emotional games, and stuff like this don't need gameplay. But that's not true at all... Creating a good, non-linear (It doesn't need to be like Fallout, or anything with a bunch of interaction, changes and endings, all you need is to give the player some "freedom", to make the player feel in the control of the character) and suitable gameplay is CRUCIAL, to any game. The point and click ideia is good, the gameplay works fine, but it's too linear as the player can hardly explore the small ship, and with the objectives just at your face, it's not challenging or interesting to play. A good gameplay makes players feel empathy for their characters, because it makes them feel in the control of their character.
2)The story could be better... Now, don't get me wrong, the game was all about story, you did a good writing and all, but it doesn't appeal to me that much, and probably won't appeal to anyone else as much as it could, and if the person haven't experienced a situation where it found itself like the player, then the appeal and empathy is greatly reduced. You drove us to a constructed situation where we are lost and hope to find the reason, to find something to make us know ourselves, not as players, but as the character, we get the character feeling and we may feel it too, but not as we should, you're missing some backstory, the player reads what the character is feeling and some details of what happened, but the problem is that we, as a character, don't experience these things. It's not bad to leave this "mystery" about some of the backstory, but it should be compensated with the present, by "living" the characters present for a time, you present us the present and part of the past, but we didn't "live it', not enough (Again, this all could have been fixed in the gameplay). We don't feel that much empathy for the character as we could.

Still, it's a great game mate!
Well, I hope I've helped... Good lucky with your next projects!


This is an okay space mystery. Walking around and looking at things.
The medals work, and I earned them all.