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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Not my style of game, sorry. This stopped being considered "gameplay" in 1992.

This game looks really cool, I like the idea and how much work you must have put into it, but I find myself confused on what to do. You should add in an instruction screen and some interaction indicators on what people can interact with, for example when the mouse hovers over something important it can say "click to interact" I am sure that would help with some of the confusion, but then again I new to this, I haven't made a game before, and this is your game. But I am sure it will help. :D I am looking forward to seeing more games from you.

Take care



Pros: Nice graphics.

Cons: Gameplay is an actual thing, this game didn't really have any aside from pixel-hunting. There wasn't much of a map to explore, which is one way this kind of title might be made more immersive/challenging, and nothing in the way of puzzles to solve or similar.

Really this was all about the story, but the story as it stands doesn't really draw me in. The text is massively overwrought which makes reading pagefulls of the stuff a bit of a chore to be honest. There is little in the way of dramatic tension, sense of mystery about what will happen, or much by way of sense of discovery when you find a new memory (all the important stuff is given away in the synopsis and the rest is just the astronaut's emotional reaction which is rather trite and predictable). A sense of humor might have lightened things up (and finding a new joke is a bit of an incentive to explore) but obviously that wouldn't suit this game's ambience.

I don't feel ready to leave yet...? WHAAAT?

Surely this would have made a better movie? There's got to be an element of challenge and some tasks to be a game. If it was going to be an experience of being lost in space don't give the player an escape pod!!! It just wasnt much fun or very thought provoking. sorry

I would complain, but the comments did a pretty good job of it.