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Reviews for "Alone in the Cosmos"

Great sound, good art, good developing story that unfortunately goes nowhere.
No puzzles whatsoever.

I would love to see a more full and filled out version of this game or something very similar as it has good potential. Just a little disappointing as a game in its current state.

Nice art, deep concept about someone who knows that is going to die no matter what.

Touchy. Like it.

Very interesting and descriptive. For those complaining that there isn't really much gameplay here, yes, that's true. There really isn't supposed to be; this is more of an interactive visual novel than anything else. That said, I don't think it really needed medals, and some of the art was vague enough to make finding your target purely a matter of chance; some sharpening of the visual aspect of this visual novel might have done wonders.

Even so, very interesting and somewhat evocative work. Not a bad example of what it is, just needs a bit of fine-tuning.

Here comes the space cops to put this game on trial in space.. Found guilty for not being in space, GO TO SPACE JAIL : Portal 2 aftermath

The art was great but the story dragged on and I started to think like the space core in portal 2.

Perhaps the main point of this, is not whether the astronaut made it back. The individual human experience of a day to day routine, severed ties to your loved ones and many internal conflicts comprise the total feeling of isolation. The astronaut leaving the space station, did not ensure their survival or escape. Them leaving merely was a conquest over their internal battle against hopelessness. The game ends after the astronaut has faced their fears and doubts but instead chooses to grasp the human spirit to continue on in the direction of hope. This piece did capture the cold internal battle one would experience in this situation and set forth an adequate environmental feel for the scene. Music was fitting. I wouldn't demand better graphics from such a piece because of of it may be deliberate artistic interpretations of the artists perceived look and feel for the game. and i appreciate the gritty filter look that gives me the view from perspective of tired, demoralized space traveler ..but it leaves me wondering what if the visuals were less blurred/abstract and at least in some areas had more realistic style visuals. The high points had nothing to do with graphics or the overall storyline, but rather in the writing in the dialogue. It was poetic at times and begs me to wonder if this really was inspired by something other then a space travel game scenario. -Perhaps; rather it is inspired by the isolation, hopelessness, fear, loathing, internal struggle and regret many people experience right here on Earth?