Reviews for "Space Incident"

Quite an epic game. I really like games with choices.

It was an ok game. It knew my name though...

It was an interesting interaction between Alex, the robot and three astronauts. Then, the engine was on fire. Although I had sent Ben (or Bill) and Jackie to fix it a few times, it was shot again. WTF! Since we didn't make any progress, I let Dunmer have a go and he was dead afterwards. :| When the story ended, two astronauts were back to earth with a losing shuttle. However, I hadn't unlocked any badge.

This game is captivating. You ignore how it was made and just get surrounded by it, which is the makings of a good game! Visuals are great. Good sound atmosphere. If any suggestions, make it look more cramped. I like the relations between the 3 of them. Beef it up for Steam?

not a bad game