Reviews for "Space Incident"

Pretty good game can be slow at time and sometimes to hard to read all the text

Seems like a good game. I love the concept. But this game is, in essence, a text adventure. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE proofread your game. The grammatical errors, errors in terminology, and awkwardly worded sentences make this game hard for me to play. This is a good game, don't get me wrong. But it's missing that attention to detail that separates the good games from the great games.

I got a bit disappointed playing the game.

I love the part about different outcomes depending on your decisions, but it gets a bit boring after a while when your only option is to talk to people.
You're the ships computer. you should have control of of the ships functions.

Example: If a fire started in one of the rooms you would have have to alert the crew so they could act on it. Then afterwards you'd have to ask them to do repairs of the room so it would be functional again.

I think i could be really awesome if you (besides the dialog) started with no functions and you had to gain the relationship/trust with the crew and then gradually gaining control of the ship, by their repairs.

This game made me feel helpful in a way and human. Good game. However, I would like to suggest less specific medals such as one,two, and all member(s) surviving and a separate medal for getting the shuttle back. I don't want to play it 10 times.
I also suggest an auto skip where it just skips to the next problem. There doesn't seem to be a need to wait.

Seriously like i enjoy the story and the animation is cool and the dialogue is well written. the sound is good and i think this has a lot of potential but i have little to no say in what happens until pretty far into the game and i found it frustrating that the majority of the gameplay seemed like an extended cutscene that i had to keep clicking "next" on
I realize that it does develop over time and i do like some of the stuff that goes on later on in the game, but there were dozens of opportunities where i should have been allowed to make a choice early on in the game and i was offered nothing of the sort, and even once the game started to really get going there were periods of time where i felt like i was just staring at nothing for 2-3 minutes and had no say in the matter.