Reviews for "Call of Spring"

So much fun! Love this bullet hell of a game!

Wow. Great pacing, good level variety, much longer and more substantial than I would have expected. Good job.

Nice game!!!

Just run and shoot... basically the definition of any call of duty game I've played. Well I have to say that for a simple flash game, this one really made me enjoy the 20 minutes I spent trying to beat it. The levels design are simple and intuitive enough that you don't get lost in them, even though there's no clear direction. The game is easy enough to beat without resorting to tactics or serious reflexes, but carelessness will still punish you. The music was mostly fitting, and the different weapons allowed for a bit of variety. I did make a small let's play/playthrough of this game right here: https://youtu.be/9Sb0ectGf0I . All in all, as a call of duty parody this one of the best I've seen... keep it up

It reminds me a bit of the old kirby games. Good job.

Btw, I had my first death a bit after the second boss, and what's with the death sound effect? lol