Reviews for "Call of Spring"

Really - i hate runners and jumpers, platformers etc - but this game is great and so brutal nyce programmed (fluent) -

If u need a musician with more change in the music - just write me an PM - i can do nearly all genres - and very original and with love ;)

So much fun! Love this bullet hell of a game!

This was definitely a cool take on the old shmup genre, not to mention pretty entertaining as well!
I enjoyed all of the different weapons the little squirrel could utilize throughout his journey.
Anyway, great job on this one.
I hope to see more like it down the road.
Keep up the good work!

Level design is good, but I'm not sure about retro graphics.

What a badass little squirrel ^^! As a big shmup fan, I really enjoyed this, especially the raymanish final boss :p There are three things that bothered me a little, but no biggy :

- You can't die in pits.
- I think there should be upgrades if you take twice the same weapon in a row or more.
- The more enemies there are, the easier it gets, cuz every enemy gives an acorn.

Food for thought, if the originality of the game seems to lie mostly in the squirrel concept, what I found really new in the genre were the falling parts. For some reason it was very satisfying to destroy my way down through rocks with badass weapons :3.

Great job!