Reviews for "Call of Spring"

Cool fun little game!
It is sometimes a bit hard to see the difference between enemies, bullets and particles.
The mechanic of switching between random weapons really helps to keep the game interesting and non-repetitive.
It also looks very Jazz Jackrabbit inspired, is that correct? :)

Have you ever played Conker? He is a squirrel that shoots. Good game.

animations okay, mechanics are fine. story is wack. 3 stars

Just run and shoot... basically the definition of any call of duty game I've played. Well I have to say that for a simple flash game, this one really made me enjoy the 20 minutes I spent trying to beat it. The levels design are simple and intuitive enough that you don't get lost in them, even though there's no clear direction. The game is easy enough to beat without resorting to tactics or serious reflexes, but carelessness will still punish you. The music was mostly fitting, and the different weapons allowed for a bit of variety. I did make a small let's play/playthrough of this game right here: https://youtu.be/9Sb0ectGf0I . All in all, as a call of duty parody this one of the best I've seen... keep it up

While the art is terrible, inconsistent and makes no sense, the gameplay is actually pretty well done. It's a bit simple and it got repetitive a few levels in but overall this is a pretty nice shooter!

Some better art would really help this game. The levels appeared to all just be sticks and the squirrel doesn't appear to have any narrative motivation for the goals of the game, and the enemies look like they are taken from other games or something, so the aesthetics in general were very offputting, but you could have something amazing if you kept working on it.