Reviews for "Coco Bananas (feat. Virtual Caddus)"

That was an amazingly well done trip to insanity!

KidneyJohn responds:


What the Actual fuck

Animation is Smooth and Mentally Ripping

KidneyJohn responds:

Glad you were adequately confused.

that was great!

A little bit too short (that's what she said), but i want more of this madness! (that's what she said).

KidneyJohn responds:

I'll try and make em longer in the future.

I have to say this was great. A touch of brief ideas, that were just great. Whether it was intended to be or not, there is certainly underlying messages I think. Much like how we're likely to be sedimentary at a computer and scarfing down pills to adhere to normality, or the brain being self-aware, and it's more simplistic and preferred choice of mood in the more reptilian parts is anger, and the bananas sum it all up with insanity.

Even if that's nowhere near what you intended, and it was specifically just sillyness, I'm not bothered in the least. It was very much enjoyable, thanks. :)