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Reviews for "Playing With Letters"

Don't read the reviews until AFTER you beat the game. Some guy down there completely ruined all the puzzles by writing out all the answers and why they're right.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm confused... Did you leave a low score because you didn't like the game in general, or because someone spoiled it for you? O.o

Either way, thanks for playing :p

Interesting. There are some legitimately difficult puzzles to be found here, though I have to admit, the one about the unchanging word didn't make a lot of sense (I had to notice a particular word having a particular quality and hoped that it was correct, though I have no understanding of why it was correct). The final riddle was difficult at first, but it became a lot simpler once I realized that I already had the puzzle pieces, I just had to put them in the right places.

The secret ending is, by the way, a lot more satisfying than the normal ending. Worth looking up.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

As for that, try googling the medal name, and you might see why the level/letter works the way it does :3
I don't want to spoil anything in the review section.

Great job with solving the final puzzle! Most of the puzzles in this game are all about finding what the pieces even are. Once you'v got them, the rest is usually easy to put together :D

Thank you for playing and for writing a review, Istanbul777 :)

Very good, though simple game! Puzzles must be hard to create, seeing how it's hard to calculate the difficulty people will have. But it's pretty clever to put different kinds of puzzle and to give such subtle hints.
Music is very fitting and the curiosity drove me forward even though this is not the type of game I normally play. X)

Only had a problem on the first question, where I was trying to put a space between the words, and on the last one, where I figured it but typed "me" instead 'xD

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It really depends. Sometimes, if you're in flow, puzzles just kind of come to you by themselves. For example, I came up with a pretty cool riddle today without doing anything (I will save the riddle for the sequel or some other thing though, so I won't reveal it here.) Then again, other times it can feel impossible to come up with a good, or at least the "right" puzzle :3

I'm glad to hear that so many people enjoyed this even if they usually stay sceptical to this kind of game :D

Did you guess on the last puzzle, or was it one of those things that your brain just automatically translated to first person view? Don't bother answering that XD

Thanks a lot for leaving a review and for playing, dude!

Great little game. Only issue is that it's not coded to accept input from the numpad.


i understand
watchmaker (anagram of charm tweak)
devil (lived backwards)
deified (the only palindromic word)
behind you ('vos postergum' to get the secret ending)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, I honestly should've looked up how to do that, but I didn't realize until after uploading.

And dude... Spoilers much? Read the description outside of the screen :p

Either way, thanks for playing.

I can't get past reflections, I tried so damn hard it's been well over an hour but I love this fucking game to death ughh I wish I could give it more stars or actually see the ending XD

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well, I guess so many people have played this already that I can give you a hint :)
This is not really an optimal way to beat the level, but try holding a mirror against the text, and read words that catch your attention through the mirror, to see if you notice anything interesting!
Thank you for playing :p

Then again, I see you already beat the game. Congrats!