Reviews for "RocketScience"


This is just awesome. It's... well, it's actually quite hard to explain it without using the word awesome. ;D

ok song but...

us a properly EQed sound system when you make it. Kinda hurts my ears :)


That is really good!
I'm gunna add this to my iPod if you don't mind :D

Brilliant song, I love it!

I heard this in Raptor Burgers and I just had to track down the artist, you did an incredible job with this piece!

I dig it!

Splendid hardstyle/club trance! I could listen to this shit all day.
I found it to be so good that i used it in one of my vids at youtube :).

Can't say the bass was all that loud, but think the low-pass is grooveh enough.
So I'm not going to ruin my score of awesomeness ^^.
10'd, 5'd and Fav'd.