Reviews for "Awesome Seaquest"

This was an interesting sea based war game. After I figured out the basics, I defeated it without a problem.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

It's fun game much like the first one.
Fun to play, battle and upgrading is all nice.
But there were some issues I got, one would be the ads, I guess it's not games fault, but the ads
make my mouse disappear and I have to reload the game over and over to get it work right.
The other issue was random loading screens that appear and don't actually load but freeze instead.
With these two thing combined game was unplayable for me, but not taking that in account, it's really nice game.

i dunno what the big huff is about this game...wasnt really "awesome" fair at the most nothing new or interesting about it.

Epic game, good job

Great game... I love it, easily addictive & can kill some good time with it happily :)