Reviews for "Awesome Seaquest"

nice and addictive!

Great game... I love it, easily addictive & can kill some good time with it happily :)

Nice time waster. Like the harder and extreme difficulty. Normal seems like very easy :D
Thank god the medals work, it got me worried for a sec, but apperantly you get them after you close the upgrade screen and go back to your navy/eco buildings. Too bad the sounds effects are the same from your previous game, and the style is also the same.

Best strategy game I have ever played

I could not get into this. I don't mean to sound whiney, but I really am. There wasn't much I could even understand about this. I do appreciate how it's kind of unique. I always say that, don't I? It just seemed like there was too much going on to really understand it.

The music's great. I guess I'm glad other people like and understand it. I don't know how to bring all my ships together. It's not something I'm interested in learning about. It's, I guess, okay.