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Reviews for "League Of Empires"

Loved it, I used to play AoE a lot when I was a kid!

lol so once they saw that the knight who was driving the car was an old native american guy, they all got wet? lmao.

Anioco responds:

You never played Age of Empires?

The frightening part is, I was playing the first Age of Empires not too long ago, Getting my Big Daddies converted by those same priest... Assholes. Only thing missing was the e=mc2 trooper.

What's sad is that I think most people won't get the joke, and that makes me feel old...
Still, highlight of my day, thanks.


Age of Empires II, oh the good times i had with that back when i was a kid in the age of... 10 i believe, anyway, i TRUELY remember that cheat with the sports car, one of my favorite cheats! :P this was great, thanks for making it man. *full rate*