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Reviews for "TDR RPG: The Quest for Xirang"


FlyingColours responds:

Don't worry, it will be here! soon.... ish. I can't make any promises, but I hope I'll be able to complete it in two years or so.

Fun to play with an interesting story and gamplay. Love the informative popups!! You have fun and learn a little something

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review and score! Glad you loved the popups; I really hoped people would read them thoroughly. :)

I really loved this game. The Chinese mythology made it even better!

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review and score! :) Glad you liked Chinese myths.

I really enjoyed playing this. Thank you for the glossary and putting in so much background info. Chinese mythology is highly fascinating.

When I played for the first time yesterday I, somehow, ran into a bug. The Triad guy in the City of Fengdu wouldn't talk to me, so when it was time to save the guard's mother I had nowhere to go. I gave up eventually and spent the rest of the evening wikipedia'ing my way through Chinese history, Asian mythology and Cantonese profanity xD.

So today I came back and gave it another try. Had to start over because trying to save my progress returns a 'SecurityError: The operation is insecure'-message. JS is activated, so I guess it's cookie-related. This time I was able to purchase the boat and finish the game :). However I wasn't able to achieve the Guilinggao-maker secret medal although I killed 100 turtles in the flooded town, twice, yes, I counted.

I didn't mind reading through all the text because it was highly informative to me, and where it was not (some of the combat text) it was still funny to read. I also think the grinding-factor was quite ok.

I'm so looking forward to episode 2. Hope we won't have to wait for too long. So here take my stars, they aren't worth anything but at least they are shiny :D.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review, score and bug reports! I'm so glad it interested you in Chinese mythology. This is something that I really wanted to happen!

I'm aware of the bug regarding the turtle medal, and I'm (still) looking through my code to try to fix it - this is the third time someone's reported it. I know I'll be able to fix it eventually... As for the shady guy in Fengdu, it *might* be that you didn't have $500 with you at the time. If not, then it was a bug... I'll try to fix it, but I'd need more information concerning it first. :)

A friend of mine got the save error too. I'm guessing it's related to how the browser treats HTML web storage, which I used instead of cookies.

All in all, thanks for the review and the score! I hope the wait won't be too long - it will be at least a year, but I hope not more than two. :)

Pretty cool story and funny to play. You put effort getting the facts and stuff and I enjoyed it because I like to learn new things. I'll be waiting for episode 2 to get to see the new stuff you are going to add to the gameplay.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review and the score! It's great to see people like it!