Reviews for "GRAND ADVENTURE!"

Ok, great game there ! Good ol' Atari like even inn the secrets, very moving, even gave me goosebumps sometimes with the texts and the flash of memories.

Overall, I loved the simple gameplay and the retro. Thank you.

Just lack the "True ending" which is, I suppose linked with the black bookcase in the hidden library.

Emptygoddess responds:

Mean ol goosebumps.

Hehe, I glitched out of the map when the man shot fire at me, I clipped through the wall! Still a fun and great game, the illustrations were beautiful and the story was mysterious yet easy to follow. Good job my fine sir.

Emptygoddess responds:

Ugh. I'm sorry that happened.

Nice adventure game.
Currently, there are just three endings, right?
I cannot find the last one.
Keep up :P

de e nice

The game gave me extremely pleasant sensations in the body and the bones. It was right up my street!

I enjoyed being a beautiful elf, and I thought the illustrations were wonderful. Very atmospheric! Especially the first flash of the spider's face where it moves. Spooky all round -- massive surprise the first time I inspected the hanging! The juxtaposition of the sprightly music with the content was simultaneously reassuring and even more unnerving.

The ghostie was certainly something -- the first time I played it was effortless; I just had to stand bottom-centre and move a little bit up or down as appropriate. The second time it was absolutely shocking. I'd understand if that was intentional!

Really enjoyed engaging with the game and the story -- really my only disappointments are the jarring difficulty of the ghostie and the lack of the most beautiful ending, both of which you're very aware of and can't help, so I just mention them for the sake of the review's completeness. I'd absolutely love to see the game in its completed state... and also to know if you're working on anything else!