Reviews for "GRAND ADVENTURE!"

Oh, cool, you made a thing. It's been a while since you made a thing. You should make more things.

The game was neat, but I felt like there's not a lot to review since it had little things going on. It was pretty linear and simple for most of the time. The eerie atmosphere was well done, but I felt like you paid too much attention to narration rather than gameplay. And narration suffered a lot from... Well, Atari.

My honest impression was that my first run felt okay-ish, but the thought of having to go through it all over again several times, hinted by all the items I could possibly get, was annoying. The events you presented; as in fearing being eaten by dragons/spiders, slowly getting flashbacks as you walk to a boss room, or lighting up candles to reveal a mysterious figure; the way they those were implemented were simplistic at most: Mashing a button, or walking. What's great about them is that they make you face dangerous situations you didn't expect before, they makes you jump, and that's exciting. But, in a game that's supposed to loop, these situations lose their tension after the first time. You're only left with the implementation, and because of it, those parts of the game become a chore.

Also, the whole orbs ordeal... Dude, don't make your players check tile by tile to see if something reacts, that's so mean... I know your game is Atari-like, and that's its thing, but there's no need to copy that dickery. Luckily there's some nice in people in here that leaked the info. God bless you all.

So, okay, I know these sounds like I hated your game. Being overly technical, I feel like it had a lot of faults, but the most important part is that it made me curious enough to beat it 5 times in a row. And I've dropped a bunch of games for way less. It's a darn shame there's no ending, though. Games that are this cryptic, and rely on the player discovering the truth bit by bit, are worth for their ending... Since the punchline is missing I can't help but feel dissapointed, even if you pointed that out from the get go. Funny thing, I've recently played a game with a similar premise to yours, Clockwork King and I didn't get to the end either, the last boss was a major pain in the ass. Guess I'll never know how these time traveling stories end...

Anyway, guess that's about it, I'm hoping to see more from you in the future, dude, cheers!

Emptygoddess responds:


i liked the 2d graphics and the sword and sheild but i couldnt get past the spider boss and there should be medals. but other then that i liked it

Emptygoddess responds:

Medals medals everywhere!

Eh, too unoriginal for my taste, was like a point n' click and 2D adventure combined. The pace was too slow and there weren't many graphics, gave up as soon as I glitched out; when I got hit by the flame cannon near the corner, I got knocked into the black area and couldn't get out.

Emptygoddess responds:

Mean ol glitch.

Very cool, a neat concept with some nice nostalgia value. Finish the damned thing would you? at the time of my playing it was one of the most popular games on newgrounds lol, we'd love to see that final ending.

Emptygoddess responds:

Yay final ending!

First of all, let me say I love the concept. The repetition really lets you get to "know" the game and the abstraction of the atari graphics only adds to the magic.

The only two things that took a away from the joy of it were how easy it is and how the repetition can get kind of empty by the end.

Maybe you can find a more creative way to fix these (if you ever plan on finishing it, which is something I know I'd like to see), but IMO a simple way would be if the play-through got harder each time, somehow.

Great job and keep up the excellent work.

For clarity's sake, after you get the hanged man ending, is there no way to go further? Nothing to do at the fourth library stand? Is that the last bit that isn't done?

Emptygoddess responds:

Naw you can do something with the 4th library stand.