Reviews for "Moos"

Neat movements! Too bad it's so short!

cecameron responds:

Thank you!

yay, an animation :D
the last move made me snicker

cecameron responds:


The animation for your movie was choppy in a lot of places; However, I'm pleased to notice careful attention placed into the poses.

I love the exaggerated poses combined with some squash and stretch technique.

The character design for your character looked crude.

You used a lot of very basic shapes for the character's facial features.

A bit more detail could make the character design more polished; However, animation becomes increasingly difficult to create with added detail.

Understanding the human form will help you with creating a stylised versions of human characters.

People watching will give you a lot of inspiration for character designs.

The way you draw hands needs a bit of work.

Take the time to observe your subjects in full detail.

Draw your subject based on these observations.

You can still simplify the forms of your drawings while making observations.

Movement of your drawings is more important than an unnecessarily high workload placed into detail.

You want to include good drawings combined with the illusion of movement.

Keep experimenting with your animation and continue trying new things.

You are on the right track.

- Mightydein

cecameron responds:

This is an excellent critique, I just find it odd you'd leave it on such a quick project - I'm interested in what you'd have to say for some of my other works.
Thank you for the comment!