Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

The keyboard thing isnt a good idea, mostly because when i use my keyboard i keep hitting the restart button.
Also you have to be very patient for this game.

If I was to play this game, it would take hours. I wish it would continue when I go off the page so that I can do other things.

Nope, nope, and nope.

2/5 Great idea, boring results. Watching grass grow is more exciting and faster. I didn't even want to wait until 2 employees.

Speed up the early game a bit. Add some sounds. Add anything more than a progress bar. Pressing keys didn't seem to make anything faster either.

I like the idea of the game. I especially like another reviewer's idea to type code for bonuses. Could be a great game with some improvements.

It's an idler, but the problem is it doesn't really idle properly. No ticking up if it's not open, and I could swear it doesn't even increase properly if you're tabbed off it.

one and a half star earned because the game does what it says pure idleness .

But 2 big problems completely destroy the "experience" , the first is the start , it is way too slow
most players will stop at the very beginning of the game , the second is the occupations , there is literally no advantage to purchasing occupations , they actually hurt you since the money and the time needed to get the money are upgraded at a 1:1 ratio , you don't actually get any bonuses , but since you need more employees to make up for that time you just end up spending more money to get exactly the same payout as before.