Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

I think that your idle game is lacking a interesting factor but I will play it long enough to get a medal or two. I advise you to add some sound to keep people alive while playing.

The graphics look nice, but the game starts off very slow. The amount you make and the upgrade prices are off. Once the game gets going, than the amount and prices regulate.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

This game is good, but it's too slow. It takes lots of time to progress.

slow start, would rather better screen appeal, kind of pointless but overall alright although i wouldnt play it again

Would it be better but the start of the game kills it. I literally have to wait, nothing more, just wait until that bad slowly fills to get 2$ and then again wait and repeat the process. It would've been fun if you could actually do something while you're waiting, something that will give you money, but right now the game its kind of boring. Its a good idea, but it needs some updates. I would love to play a better, improved version of this game in the future!