Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

Too slow to get $2, it took me 1 minute pressing to get $2 to get $25 i need to press like crazy for 25 minutes that's too long. Make it like 5 second $2 or something to get people interested in the beginning. Right now I quit before it reach $25 as it take too long to get there.

But the idea is solid and great game if you can make it easier. 3 star.

wait a moment: if i want to skip a upgrade the skipped upgrade gets brought, but for the price of the more expensive one ? i tried it with occupation and brought 'Game Dev' for the price of 500.000.000. Pretty expensive.

And also all in all the upgrades are too expensive in my mind. the first few one were ok, but for the last two last occupation upgrades the corresponding language upgrades were missing. the only thing left was waiting till i finally got enough for the next occupation upgrade. i even had maxed out the # of employee. So a little bit of adjustment is needed i guess.

But ok, the game works, no heavy bugs, it looks pretty solid.

takes too long to progress, maybe make it so that you need to type a certain sequence of text instead! (just like some actual code from the languages) to make it more interesting...

P.S i'm an actual programmer, so to see this game is an honor (offended to see App Dev as a Java Programmer instead of a Game Dev! XD)

Its okay. What bothers me about the game is that when you get to Simulated Reality Dev Level 2 (or 3..?), the money which is requires too large is, to displayed correctly.

The concept for this game isn't bad, but it's been done better. I've played games where you basically wait around for bars to fill up or something similar, but they've often had things you can do in between. With this you literally wait and do nothing until you get your cash and then you click maybe 3-5 times and wait again.
Also the interface looked really boring and lazy and it didn't hold my attention for long.
Good concept, but it was poorly executed.