Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

Fun fact: You can learn C++ right away (irl), you don't have to go through the other languages.
Nice game though.

utterly sarcastic, i unlocked all the medals only to find total lack of end game content. 4/5

Sort of entertaining(*) Idle game.
However, it does't seem to 'idle' - i.e. stops if browser is minimised.

There's a bug in High Scrores: Most Cash Earned which stops at $21,474,836.47
Since this is 0x7fffffff I guess it's the max. for a 32-bit value.

Stats only update on restart after bar full.

(*)read that as 'total waste of time' ;)

Can you make it so that you can sell in bulk please oh my goodness

A pretty simple; addicting idle game this one, with a nice twist on how you idle, bu key instead of mouse, and a progress bar instead of a button. Plenty of upgrades; factors of addiction in the interface, and if you get to that stimulated reality mode... things can really go on for4ever and ever and ever! :O The shortcut keys don't seem to be working for me, though. Shift or Ctrl + click does nothing on the employees screen, wonder if I'm missing something with how that works, or: bug? Lack of money should have been no issue (but if it was, a notice would've been nice - overall it would be nice with some more textual feedback on what happens - or doesn't happen - when you click buttons).

Good game, and glad the medals didn't require completing the endlessly stimulating simulated reality mode to get. :) Keep it going!