Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

The game have a great possibility to be have more things in the line of code of the game:
1) More cash at start;
2) More speed at start, because it's very long to get cash when we start the game;
3) The game need some interaction with the player, some things that move or than we need/can do to help to get more cash.

Great idea, not so great execution. Could've been a lot better with more content.

My comment is basically every single bad comment but the opposite, basically this is an amazing cookie clicker style clone. AND it's auto typer proof! Yep, I tried to cheat. xD

Although a fairly good time waster I definitely think it would be better with some graphics like code showing up on the screen or something

BTW tip to other players if you want to play this game in the background, have it in its own window not in another tab :)

*Distant sound of me practically thrashing against my keys* Real fun game, very enjoyable time waster while keeping a great idea of just a game!