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Reviews for "Airbender 2"

A fun game using weather to kill the benders. One of the most enjoyable gamezhero games that I have every played.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

This was a great game. It had me hooked lol. Had to play until I got first place on the leader boards. I loved the different ways to kill the benders(especially the meteors).

It's kind of enjoyable, but... there is no challenge whatsoever. The basic principle is not that original, but it would be tolerable if the levels were well thought through; with these terribly easy levels, it feels bland and boring. The last level should be the final challenge; instead, it is the most straightforward level in the whole game. Really frustrating indeed.

-large, colorful characters and animations
-tutorials get the player nicely acclimated to the game
-appropriate length keeps the game from going too long
-fun variety of attacks
-intuitive puzzle mechanics for killing enemies
-simple level design helps player maintain focus

Areas for improvement:
-it feels weird to critique a game for being too easy, so I won't exactly do that. But I will say that I handily beat the game without failing a level, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This hinders the memorability of the game, as well as its replay value. If the game was designed to be easy then that was successfully achieved and the game was nice while it lasted. But if the game was designed to last then more is needed.

gmaes not working all i see is white screen filled with a white space i will rate it after u fix it