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Reviews for "Charlie Charlie"

Welp, good job xD
Said:"Send nudes" And replyed with a yes then jumpscare xD
Clap clap <3

Well, I asked "Will you scare me please?" and he said yes then the jumpscare got me. I then proceded to punch my laptop screen as I jumped, so thank you for that. Altogether it is a very simple game and the medals are easy to get.

Exactly how do you trigger the jumpscare...?

Great game...the jump scare was really well placed, and perfectly in line with the game. I watch Markiplier's horror games all day everyday and have become genuinely numb to jumpscares i don't even jump when he does anymore but this one actually got me, congrats!

well this is a random if you use a microphone or contact it only says yes or no But Iw had a funny time asking him guestions and he like a fool saying yes or no.