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Reviews for "Circlen"

Very good game. It's unfortunate so few people could get to the end since those are some of the most fun levels. The movement is very smooth and rhythmic, and I enjoyed it quite a bit when I played it last year. This is definitely a game you should try to complete if you can.

Nice game first time playing something like that!!

It's a great, original, fun and playful concept. I really liked the gameplay, or at least the main idea, but I do have some critcism. It's never a good design idea to have death animations instead of just resuming the gameplay. Also, it gets too repetitive and hard too fast, the first levels are already a challenge to get through, and I honestly didn't feel like I was having fun anymore after a while.

The good sides do outweight the bad ones, and I think overall this is a good game and specially a great game concept. Keep creating, you're good at it!

Rob you are a fantastic creator ;) 5 stars

Good game, good layout, appropiate music.
But it is really hard! And although the controls were simple, it wasn't always simple to control. And the starts to get to the next level were a bit too strict.