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Reviews for "Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault"

This game is great!

Vortex00 responds:


A refreshing change after the usual sex games. Although a certain other recent sex game here on NG was as well - and that involved strategy too. This I think trumps even that. The gameplay was entertaining, just difficult enough that it makes the player feel at least a bit accomplished.
On this note, I have to add, that it kinda bugged out on me after first reloading. Fatigue was constantly 0, food and obedience were always at 100 while love was increasing. No matter what I did. This of course made it even easier, but I was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
So all in all, gameplay: 5/5. Definitely a good one, and as I said, refreshingly different. On to the rest, that... how shall I put it... that most of really came for. The "real" action.
The animations were superb in my opinion. No wonder variety was in bit shorter supply. But for me that certainly was no issue. Also, though I have played far enough into it, I haven't "really" seen the action with Goo, and I haven't played far enough to meet Remi. I couldn't resist taking a peek at them in the gallery. Real good new poses. The animations seem even better with the last two girls than the previous four. I also liked the harem... uhm, I mean crew to not be dressed in futuristic battle armor and acceptable military uniform. I do have to add however, that revealing too much may not be the best practice. It's mostly just me, but I would've dressed the girls up in revealing, skimpy outfits that actually hides a bit more than just panties. Build even more anticipation before actually getting to bang them.
They were perhaps too accepting, so to speak. Took a few in-game days to have sex with each of them at least once and there was no stopping after that. Though when they're walking around in pratctically nothing that may be expected. This is me trying to provide some constructive critisism, since I was looking for some jerk off material, and thus I didn't really mind getting down to business quickly.
To sum up: kudos to the person behind the animations, they are awesome, just like the poses.
I may be biased, I obviously can't tell, but to me, this game isn't just 5 out of 5, it's 10 out out 5. Loved it.
A footnote, if you will, about loli and pedo and rape that people mentioned. You are correct in saying that what you created is in no way a reflection of reality and your game does not represent your views on sexual intercourse. But the moment something that society doesn't allow is seen as incouraged or at least allowed in any context, the thought is planted into the minds of those susceptible. Like teenagers. Some undoubtedly saw this. I'm fairly certain that most can follow my train of thought. Not hating on the sex scenes with Bri, far be it from me. But still, I felt like pointing that out. This semester I had two courses, both in the form of lectures about psichology. Shame I won't have any more.
But I'm ranting now, so I'll end the wall of text. Congrats to those average people of the internet who read this far. You've just become better people, and don't let nobody tell you otherwise. Oh and have I mentioned the game is awesome? Cause it's awesome.

Vortex00 responds:

This is quite the review well nice. Ive actually takes a few psychology classes myself and yes there is a lot of programming early on in youth. but is another topic. my review section always gets into discussions about me being politically correct. I just want to make a game how I like. that is what I starting learning how to make games lol. Thanks for the feedback~

obviously the best work from homie PinoyToons yet! just amazing!

Vortex00 responds:

I been in contact with pinoytoons for well over a year. way before newgrounds and hentai foundry and his blog. Some of these animation are over a year old, and some are fairly new. It is hard to say the everything in here is his best. But yeah it is good to finally get everything he did for this into the game. actually it's not even everything, I still need to add the rest of it lol.

Is a nice rpg

Vortex00 responds:


First off, the visuals are great. I love the animations, and the overall look to the game is fantastic. The audio...not so great. In itself, it's not bad. It's just repetitive. You hear the same short tracks so often that it's almost worth muting. The gameplay is simply unbalanced. The game completely snowballs. You can spend most of your time in the first area doing research, then just storm through the entire rest of the game. Getting started is kinda tough, but you're fine once you have a little research done.

Vortex00 responds:

I didn't want to put too much audio into the game because the file size would be too big. in vandread it was streamed but i don't want to do that here either.

I actually made it like that on purpose so people can play the game the way they want to. If you want to unlock everything in area one, then you can do that. Similarly, there are characters like Jeo and other special agents if you want to just blow throw stage without much effort. I didn't want to have just one way to beat it.