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Reviews for "Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault"

In the gallery, there are lesbian scenes. Are those only in the gallery, or can they be found in the actual game?

Honestly, as a game, it's a bit on the disappointing side, but it still recieves four full stars considering the genre is what it is. Generally speaking, the main issues with the game relate to the fact that it is too rough around the edges; it feels more like a rough draft or a concept demo than a completed game. Well, on the bright side, it doesn't suffer as massive quality issues that UMCC did- not sure if it's because the game is simply smaller overall, but that was a big plus.

First of all, the UI... is actually not too bad. In fact, the main screen offers a lot of information without being cluttered, for which I give it a plus. But it suffers due to the fact that the game barely eases the player into anything, making it extremely difficult to get used to. And the tutorials being grouped up with the settings does not help either, along with being pretty bad design, particularly since most people nowadays are trained to expect the game to hold your hands for the first steps into the game. It should probably located right on the start menu, or be given its own button to make its existence more obvious.
(Even then, it still leaves a lot of questions unasked and not exactly obvious- for example, mercenaries and food, etc.)

Unfortunately, it all starts degrading from there. Intel is cluttered and for the life of me I cannot tell which ship is which. I literally have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to raiding (Yes, I saw the little note at the upper left, but, no. Something as simple as putting a dash after each number would have helped comprehension tremendously, however.) or gathering resources (which has nothing at all). And etc. I eventually can figure most of the mechanics on my own through trial and error (or blow all the ships away with a bit fat laser), but once again, hardly good design.

The actual game is also pretty lacklustre. Love generally just goes through the roof (although it may be different if I had an incentive not to sleep with them), while both Fatigue and Food become merely chores to manage without a time limit or anything to particularly react to. The pilot/combat stats also do not increase independently of each other, and there is zero strategy in play other than to grind (or not at all, since it isn't necessary for the most part). Oh, and you should probably make the stat growth screen also happen after training as well as battles.

But, the space battles were actually genuinely fun. Each pilot felt unique, and the mechanics, while a bit simple, still work well, proving once again why they keep being disgustingly overused. Personally though, I found Arielle's skills to be the worst (way too manual), while I liked Luma's skills the best. It got repetitive near the end, but that is probably due to me just blasting away all the other ships beforehand. But considering that there is little incentive not to do so, I doubt that it will be any different for the others.

Also, this really bugs me for every VN-style game that comes up but please add space as a hotkey to advance the text. Clicking through everything is really, really annoying.

All in all, despite all the harsh lashing I had until now, the game still isn't "bad" by any means, and is even outstanding relative to its peers. Restating what I said above, it is simply unpolished and perhaps more frustrating than it could be because there seems to be a lot of visible room for improvement. After having spent a while to get used to everything, I still found it to be pretty fun and good for wasting free time.


Now, moving on from the gameplay elements onto the other aspects.

Graphics were great. The way you draw the characters' bodies and hair have certainly improved from UMCC, and your body proportions had nothing majorly off either. The sex scenes were also well done, in both art and animation. I still have a few qualms here and there (Bri's eyes for example), but they are mostly minimal and do not detract too much.

Sound was good. I actually liked it, and while there was not much variety, it fit the mood pretty well without being annoying, which is always a plus.

But... the story though. I have massive issues with. Not only is the space setting seemingly out of nowhere (alright, it's been hinted here and there with the high-tech but spaceships?), the plot is effectively nonexistant. Sure, Jeo goes around and beats the crap out of a bunch of people, and they spill some details on the setting sometimes, but that's that. It doesn't actually add anything to the plot, and I'm left wondering, "What the hell was this even all about?"

And the story also seems pretty random when looking it as a part of a series. considering that it seemed to have little ties with the other games except for the characters. And even then, this "experiment" that Nathan is working on? Jinru and co. being secret agents? Unless you added all that in a Pateron-only version of UMCC somewhere, I saw no traces that would lead to such a thing.

I just feel frustrated because DoE actually had a very interesting setup, UMCC wasn't a direct sequel but it featured multiple interesting storylines on its own, and then this. There seems to potential, but it seems to have just fizzled out somewhere along the way.

Maybe it's because you are reworking the story somehow, and maybe that is also the reason you removed DoE from the site. Whatever it is, I hope that you will come back to this and flesh it out a lot more like you have with your other works in the past.


Well, thanks for reading this long-ass review, and manifold thanks for your efforts that went into creating this game. I hope that you will continue to develop these projects, and that we will be able to see more of them in the future.

Good luck!

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, the character art and animation for ARIA was created by pinoytoons.

The game feels unpolished because it is. I have mentioned I'm not done. It is a hobby of mines still for now. even have this message on the title screen. I don't currently have the time to make anything professional even if I wanted to. maybe the patreon will grow enough for me to do that. when i get all the content is added I can see about trying to polish stuff before moving on.

How is the plot non existent? I don't agree with this at all. There is a entire cut scene scene style intro sequence that is fully voiced acted with sound effects to the tone for the plot. There are also scenes that happen in between traveling to new areas that update the player on the current situation they are in.

in UMCC you play as Maiko. Maiko has no knowledge about jinru and co being agents. that is the point. they are there under cover. But yes there is UMCH which i havent made yet which explains more about ARIA stuff.

I'm glad you found DoE interesting. it will be back later. I took down DoE because I was tired of reading the comments. They posted them as if I had just made the game yesterday. They were not even worth reading, you need a way to disable comments on this site for games older than 5 years old or something.

im thouroly confused on the mechanics. but damn those are good sex scenes

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. you might try the walkthrough. tutorials are also in the game itself.

The game not that bad! but there are glitch when you raid a ship as Phia.

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks. It would be helpful to describe the glitch you are seeing.

I HATE the save

Vortex00 responds:

posting why might have been more helpful.
it been very useful in every game I have put it in.