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Reviews for "Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault"



Other than the fact while raiding you can glitch past obstacles and immediately have to retreat in certain maps the game is Quality Hentai, and totally outdoes any shitty Nutaku.net game.

Characters animations are great and are a lot better from UM: classroom cheaters which in my opinion was pure shit. i think the storyline was able to be put in a totally different universe from Umichan if they actually what explained what happened and why Joe is looking to restore his name.
Wow its just This Game has a completely different Vibe from UM games you've made in the past.

But WHY put in a fucking femboy into the game, i know some people like that but its grosser than trump winning the election

the art and animations are amazing there's a mute button(that feature gets underappreciated) there's mini games for gather and reducing enemies power(both I suck at) I don't have 2 jump though hoops less I want ALL cutseens (witch of corse I do) my only real complain is in the later battles theres so many things going on my poor comp can barely keep up but is temporally fixed by having a screen clear side kick like ari or bri I cant wait 2 see what is planed next 4 this game there's only 3 girls I can think of u cant bone and I'm hooping so hard for the feature 4 the phia + bri and may be a PEEK feature 2 see what the girls are doing in there rooms when u give them some free time :) keep up the amazing work

So... I can't play this, it goes way off the edges of my screen and I can't find a fullscreen button, anyone have any ideas it seems fun, so i will give 4.5 stars just because i see other people like it and i feel i will like it but any help would be amazing