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Reviews for "Stick Figure Test Facility"

Amazing! Incredbile!

Splendid animation, and quite funny. :)

It reminds me of "Kill the Spartan" mixed with "Breaking the Bank".
I love it, I love it, I love it.

It also looks like you made "Rock Hard Colosseum", which is a game in my favorites.
Thanks for adding another to my collection. :D

Stone-Steven responds:

:D We're working on the sequel right now 4 RHC

wow... this is the first time that the test subject foot back nice work, respect :P

i always love these stick killing games but that kamehameha was epic and the way the fishing rod cut off his head was crazy but the thing i enjoyed the most was the way the guitar blew him up without even touching him and its good i could choose the options i didnt earlier, in the later options please make another like this but with more control and super sayian

I loved it.
Only minor detail to fix, in the death select after you finish the game, there are two "Time" options which are the same.