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Reviews for "Stick Figure Test Facility"

This got one star, because it runs smoothly. The rest was just not good. The art was boring. The voice acting was bland and annoying. If you clicked an option to start a round, to escape hearing that annoying voice, it continued to play while the round started. The game was just so very boring. At the end I was just playing through the rounds so that I could review it without feeling like I didn't give it a fair chance. The plot was lame. The "hints" were just annoying. The gameplay was repetitive to the point of being painful. Really, the fact that it ran smoothly was the only thing that was good about it, and that simply was not enough. You know what? Make that half a star. Terrible. I regret wasting my time.


That was freaking AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work, dude.

This game was fricking awesome but it was kinda long good job

Animations were good, voice acting was... just terrible... the "game" concept was pretty bad, and a "Kill Crazy Jay" style would have been much better.

Stone-Steven responds:

We added the 'kill crazy jay' style menu at the end so you are able to enjoy it simply by click and play as well. Thanks for the review.