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Reviews for "Stick Figure Test Facility"

Really liked it. No matter how much time passes stick figures will always make me laugh. For people complaining of needing back/review buttons wait until the end, the chalkboard provides. Side note; You've listed "Time" twice on the chalkboard.

Who knew a toothpick can be so deadly?! xD

For those that say this is not a game i have to disagree it is a pretty easy quiz based things where your choices bring action to the stick figure, and the reason it is action is because the stick figures kill each other and has to be put in a category appropriate to that action. Overall it is a good game, good enough graphics (for a game using stick figures), has puns which is always a plus, and it does take a little bit of thought. Though the choices are pretty easy and the game gets a bit repetitive.

Needs a back button I want to see all the deaths but there's no back button so i have to refresh.

Well it wasn't that bad. Wished that you could go back to check on the other ''executions.'' Kinda stupid I hit ''correct'' and want to see the others, but can't and have to reload the game.. ( or im doing it wrong, didn't see it tho.)
The VA wasn't that bad, so much hate on it for some reason.. His mic wasn't even bad quality or he breathed down to hard or anything. But yeah, this definitely isn't a game.

Stone-Steven responds:

the chalkboard at the end allows you to see all, unless you got a bug?