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Reviews for "Stick Figure Test Facility"

so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't actually a game. You don't do anything that requires any amount of skill. Also, the "clues" for which method to select are very poorly written. It looks like you were trying to be tricky, but in fact the best answer is often not the correct answer. Needs a lot of work and something more interactive to be considered anything worth any amount of time.

Incredibly boring.

This is like the famous Stick Death Penalty Chamber, but with less creativity attached to it. The kills in question are incredibly random and dull, with maybe the treadmill one that is worth a chuckle. The guessing mechanic is original, but needless. Overall, i wish Stickpage would produce more original games like they used to, like Counter Stick. 1/5, 2/10.

The style and the animations were very good. Overall it was a fun game but after a point it felt a bit boring (maybe too many test?). It would be awesome if you could add small story changes so that the scenery isn't always the same. For instance, you could put a fight between another test subject were you have to take decisions like what weapon to use against him. It doesn't have to be something totally different but it would be nice to see a small change and a small progress in the game. I also recorded my reactions on some of the executions. I don't know if it's ok to post it here but whatever..: youtu.be/SICH95DSSMc

a pretty cool game, with a nice choice of deaths/attacks, and some really good stick animation epicness...
it reminds me of the good old days when stick movies were the #1 thing in NG.
nice animation/game, and i quite liked it when the tables turned!

nice game, i would like to see a sequel to this.