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Reviews for "Stick Figure Test Facility"

Comic genius. I award you 5 stars.

Re-watching random executions trying to guess which one is 'correct' with virtually no logic is quite irritating. I feel like I would rather be rewarded with these kill clips from completing a word search or crossword puzzle than blind guesswork. Maybe you could get in touch with a programmer and make these clips rewards for an entirely separate game, but I just don't feel as if the way they're presented is really that great.

Creative and well-animated, but ultimately this style of 'game' has been done before. Rewind a few years and you can watch B.Y.E. Rewind further you can play Kill Crazy Jay. Rewind all the way back to 2003 and there's Die In Style. Shit, that game's 12 years old and it even had voice acting.

This is fucking dangerous !! :o

On the seesaw one, you'd think he'd send the other one flying when he drops down again. :P Small inconsistencies aside, this was awesome, random stickfigure violence with story, a dialog riddled with hints for the different choices (though some are a bit dubious, like the 'extreme energy') and soooo many experiments to watch! Love the idea, the twisted experiments, the blood and batter and violent mastery!


Stone-Steven responds:

thank you!

Now that was a pretty fun game! Lots of choices.