Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies7"


Great as always, i found 1 mistake though. In the medals you put the try and cut your ear with a branch description for the scissors cut medal. It think you accidentally copied it. Just a heads up.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for detail report Alloutgamer, now it´s fixed

Great work. how can i get the ice cream test medal?

I actually really enjoyed this. I am a fan of several of the artists that were listed in this one. I like the ability to view the parody alongside the actual work. I got a good number right the first time through, but the ones I didn't get right, it was a nice educational game to become familiar with those works. All in all a nice and simple educational game. Well done!

you did actually paint this? WOW, sincerely, incredible paintings, i hope you get remenbered for centuries